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    Sika is licensed in 1993 in Vietnam as a 100% foreign owned company, a subsidiary of Sika AG (a company incorporated in Switzerland), specializing in the manufacture and supply of various ranges of construction chemical products.

    Our global background, combined with our local production, laboratories and marketing facilities enabled Sika to establish its presence in the market quickly and efficiently adapt to the various customer needs.

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  • Construction


    Sika consistently develops high quality products that are future-oriented to meet stringent project requirement. With rapid pace in science and technology, Sika-VN provides not only innovative and environmentally-friendly but also cost effective products. Supplying high quality products and efficient sales/ after sales services enable Sika-VN to achieve growth in a competitive market.

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  • Industry


    Sika Industry is a technology leader in elastic bonding and related industrial adhesives, sealants and acoustic applications.
    Bonding, sealing, dampening, reinforcing and protection solutions are our core competencies. Sika’s wide range of technologies adds value to our customers’ businesses in the automotive, transportation and other industrial markets. The services and products that Sika provide, enable our customers to improve their production processes, product performance, quality, competitive advantage and even reduction in costs.

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