Code of Conduct

Sika stands for Building Trust. Ethical behavior and integrity build the foundation for trust.

Our colleagues, customers, suppliers and shareholders all rely on our integrity. Your ethical conduct represents the cornerstone of Sika’s excellent reputation and the company’s long-term success.

The Code of Conduct aims to promote integrity and ethical conduct across Sika’s
global operation. It spells out Sika’s Values and Principles, the foundation of our unique culture. Sika does not accept violations of the law nor of this Code, as we take a zero tolerance position toward unethical behavior.

With this revised Code of Conduct, we also underscore our strong commitment to sustainable development, human rights and environmental protection.

It is your individual responsibility to work in compliance with the Code of Conduct, regardless of your role, hierarchical level or place of work. Whatever you do for Sika, always follow the word and spirit of this Code. Lead by example and inspire others to do so!

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