SikaMur®-100 Ready Mix VN

Multifunctional dry mixed mortar - grade 100#

SikaMur®-100 Ready Mix VN is a ready-mixed, high quality dry mortar with grade 100#, mixed and packaged at the factory. Ingredients of SikaMur®-100 Ready Mix VN are Polymer cement-based mortar, selected sand (removed from toxic impurities such as mud, organic and inorganic impurities) and multi-functional additives. 

  1. Quality of SikaMur®-100 Ready Mix VN is assured at the factory and meets national standards: Clean mortar – its durability is 2-3 times higher than traditional mortar.
  2. Easy to use, shortened 1/4 execution time, put to use early: by reducing waiting time between stages, no need to sand screening and decrease 90 % of cleaning time and the process for transporting waste out.
  3. Usage range: indoor and outdoor.
  4. Save 15% of materials as compared to traditional mortar: SikaMur®-100 Ready Mix VN is light, only equal to two third of density of traditional mortar. Plastering thickness of SikaMur®-100 Ready Mix VN is, only equal to two third of traditional mortar and specially Loss rate is insignificant. Reduce over 97% of rate of loss in the use of materials in accordance with allowable loss rate speculated by the State.
  5. Environmentally friendly.