Hidden from sight, the below grade portion of a building typically serves some essential function. Parking garages, some non-critical storage and laundry area are commonly placed underground. Here the waterproofing requirement is not very strict. However, for important function rooms, storage and technical areas, offices and high-end, moisture-free data storage centers filled with high-tech equipment - any of these services may be located below grade in buildings. In many countries is required to have special rooms in the basement in case of war and earthquake.

System solutions for high project requirements:

Very high flexible, compartmentalized Sikaplan membrane system with integrated control und injection back-up.

System solutions for mean project requirements:

Flexible, pre- and post-applied SikaProof fully bonded sheet membrane systems and Sikalastic PU/PUREA based liquid applied membrane systems.

System solutions for low project requirements:

Rigid, waterproofing system consisting of waterproof concrete using various Sika admixtures or waterproof mortars combined with Sika joint waterproofing solutions.

System solutions for very low to low project requirements:

Sika Igolfex and Sika Bituseal bitumen based coatings and membranes, combined with Sika joint waterproofing systems

Repair solutions for leaks:

Full technology range of temporary and permanent injection materials for any kind of leaks.