Sika has the expertise and experience to innovatively support design ideas and the fulfillment of different requirements in chimney / cooling tower construction. Sika is a one-stop shop for all kinds of integrated construction solutions and services from the basement to the roof, which ensures compatibility and avoids unnecessary problems.

Cooling towers, Poland
Solutions for Chimneys and Cooling Towers

Sika specialties used for chimneys and cooling towers construction and maintenance include:

  • Concrete repair and protection Concrete repair and protection
  • Structural strengthening

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Design Engineers Support for Reinforced Concrete Chimneys and Cooling Towers

Cooling tower concrete refurbishment with MonoTop Systems
Support for Contractors

An overview of Concrete Repair and Protection of Concrete Chimneys and Cooling Towers in Accordance with EN 1504:
Successful Repair and Protection of Reinforced Concrete