Liquid Applied Membranes


Economical and eco-friendly liquid applied roof waterproofing solution based on Sika Co-Elastic Technology (CET)

Sika® RainTite

Highly flexible UV resistant acrylic emulsion, one component

Sikalastic®-632 R

Sikalastic®-632 R is a rapid cure, one component, moisture-triggered, pure polyurethane, liquid applied membrane based on unique i-Cure® technology.

Sikalastic®-680 AP

Sikalastic®-680 AP is a single component, liquid applied polyurethane waterproofing membrane for concrete structures that will be covered by protective toppings. Sikalastic®-680 AP is flexible and provides a continuous seamless waterproofing membrane for a wide range of applications.

Sika® Torch-3 VN

Sika® Torch-3 VN is plastomeric waterproofing membrane manufactured in an advanced continuous calendaring process by saturating and coating a synthetic carrier with a waterproofing compound made of a special grade of bitumen, which is modified with APP polymers. While the APP polymers enhance
the thermal, mechanical, and aging properties of the membrane compound, the mechanical characteristics of Sika® Torch-3 VN is established by the non-woven continuous filament spun-bond Polyester mat which acts as the reinforcement that provides the membrane with its particular tensile
strength, tear resistance, puncture resistance and elongation properties.
The upper surface of Sika® Torch-3 VN is covered with fine sand broadcast while the lower surface is laminated with a thermo-fusible polyethylene film.

SikaWall® SkimCoat VN

SikaWall® SkimCoat VN is a premium quality cementitious fine finishing coat specially formulated for skimming on walls and ceilings. Its smooth architectural finishing and superior adhesion strength is suitable for both internal and external applications.
SikaWall® SkimCoat VN can be used immediately with the addition of the required water content and mixing with either a hand-held or mechanical
mixer, producing a homogeneous paste with a good workability.


Sikalastic®-590 is one component, Polyurethane – Acrylic dispersion based, liquid applied membrane for roof waterproofing with improvement in water-resistant capability of ponding, excellent UV resistance, good crack bridging capacity and great esthetics.

Sikalastic®-570 Top Coat

Sikalastic®-570 Top Coat is a cold-applied, one-component, UV-stable, water-based liquid applied top coat, designed to provide a durable, colour stable highly reflective top coat for Sikalastic® roof waterproofing systems such as Sikalastic®-612, Sikalastic®-614, Sikalastic®-632 R.


Sikalastic®-110 is a water based one part modified polyurethane coating, formulated to form a highly elastic, seamless and crack bridging membrane.