Grouting and Anchoring

Machinery and equipment which have precise tolerances for alignment, or require uniform support, cannot be placed directly onto finished concrete surfaces. Both the concrete surface and the machine base have irregularities which result in alignment difficulties and bearing load concentrations. Cementitious and epoxy grouts are used to fill the void between machine bases and the foundation. These structural grouts take on the role of transferring load between the machine and the foundation.

Grouting materials are suitable for a wide number of applications: machine bedding, high precision grouting, voids filling, road maintenance (manhole fixing, pavers bedding and jointing, kerbstone bonding, etc.), prestressed / post tensioned cable grout, rail fixing, etc.

Anchoring: Wide range of anchoring products (either epoxy adhesive or cementitious grout) are used in concrete, reinforcing steel bars. You can support many types of fixing / anchoring in different situations.