Sika consistently develops high quality products that are future-oriented to meet stringent project requirement. With rapid pace in science and technology, Sika-VN provides not only innovative and environmentally-friendly but also cost effective products. Supplying high quality products and efficient sales/ after sales services enable Sika-VN to achieve growth in a competitive market.

Sika-VN offers a wide range of Products and comprehensive construction systems, these solutions cover various market segments such as:

• Transport & Infrastructure: Bridge, Port, Concrete road, Airport, Runway, Tunnel, etc.
• Power Industry: Hydro, Wind and Thermal Power Plants
• Water Industry: Water Supply, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Hydraulic Projects
• Health, Education and Leisure facilities
• Manufacturing Industries
• Civil construction, Residential, Commercial and Industrial building
• Concrete Production: Ready-Mix Concrete, Pre-cast Concrete Elements