Elasticity and persistence are key words in the construction and repair of boats and ships, which are constantly exposed to the buffeting of wind and waves.

The task of elastic bonding is to join, to waterproof, to dampen sound and vibration, to insulate and to prevent galvanic corrosion. These are all properties strongly associated with the marine environment, particularly in the manufacture, maintenance and repair of ships, boats and yachts.

Sika Marine products which have attained Wheelmark accreditation , provide solutions for:

• direct glazing of organic and inorganic mineral glass
• deck-to-hull and panel bonding
• deck caulking
• comfort
• interior trims and fittings

Sika systems are ideal for use in all Marine crafts; from skiffs to luxury sailing yachts, from power boats to cruise liners and from tankers to fast ferries.

Sikaflex® polyurethane adhesive and sealant systems provide a tough, waterproof, yet flexible bond between dissimilar materials and can be used with confidence above and below the waterline. Sika’s product line for marine applications includes:


Marine-grade multi-purpose 1-component polyurethane sealant one-component, low viscous, medium modulus, polyurethane based sealing / adhesive compound. This all-purpose grade is used for general sealing applications.


Marine-grade 1-component polyurethane bedding compound one-component self-leveling bedding and bonding adhesive with very high adhesion properties. The product is easily spread able with extended open time for large working areas.

Sikaflex®-290 DC PRO

Marine-grade 1-component polyurethane sealant one-component electrometric deck caulking compound which exhibits high UV resistance, shows excellent sand ability and is specially designed to caulk teak decks.

Sika® Primer-290 DC

Marine-grade 1-component polyurethane sealant

SikaDeck® Primer

Water-based Primer

SikaDeck® screed

2-component polymer-modified cementatious mortar

SikaDeck® compound

2-component polymer-modified cementatious mortar