Sika supplies high-quality solutions to manufacturers of buses and coaches, trucks and trailers, rail vehicles and special purpose vehicles like ambulances, fire-trucks and caravans.

The applications include:
 - Bonding of windscreens, side windows, roofs, side panels, front & rear masks and floor coverings
 - Sealing of interior linings, trim materials and external gaps
 - Sound and vibration dampening of the engine compartment

Nowadays, buses are built with the total structure of the bus body performing the load-bearing function. Studies and tests carried out on vehicles with elastic-bonded body panels have shown that side windows and panels act as stiffening planes, greatly increasing the structural rigidity of the vehicle and consequently improving the ride comfort. Sika offers a complete range of adhesives and sealants specifically formulated to meet the needs of bus manufacturers.

GRP composites are now commonly used in the production of modern commercial vehicles. The Sikaflex® series of sealants and adhesives provide high-performance elastic assembly solutions which comply with ever-tougher durability, impact protection and ease-of-assembly requirements. The main advantages of the elastic-bonded GRP module are the retention of the corrosion protection layer, noise reduction, reduced running costs and better aesthetic designs as compared with mechanical fixing methods.


Multi-purpose 1-component polyurethane sealant


1-component polyurethane structural adhesive

Sikaflex®-255 Extra

1-component polyurethane direct glazing adhesive


1-component polyurethane direct glazing adhesive

Sika® Aktivator-100

Activating agent and adhesion-promoter

Sika® Primer-206 G+P

Multi-purpose black liquid primer