Dear valued customers,

Thank you for using our products.

Recently, we have confirmed reports that counterfeit Sikaproof® Membrane are being sold and distributed in the market.

The counterfeit products are being sold using packaging that is closely similar to authentic products bearing our trademark on it.

The quality of these counterfeit products are very low and would not serve your application purpose.

More so, PC46 raided the warehouse of Truong Thinh Index and confiscated counterfeit Sikaproof® Membrane, empty packaging and materials used for their counterfeit
production. The case is waiting court decision. Further investigations, in cooperation with Nha Trang Police, led to the unwarned inspection of the Hung
Dai Long shop, where authorities confiscated more counterfeit Sikaproof® Membrane products.

Kindly note that Sika bears no responsibility for claim and damages caused by application of counterfeit products.

We encouraged you to contact our sales team, authorized dealers and distributors to ensure that you are buying authentic Sika products.