A large number of new products and patents introduced in recent years is the proof of Sika’s great effort in obtains the highest results due to our conscious of the significance of Research & Development (R&D). Visit our website at vnm.sika.com for more product information.

Our regional R&D strategy is the adaptation of products, solutions and applications while the centrally organized research is in charge of long-term research program such as to analyze and optimize the interaction between components of construction structures and Sika products.

In association with regional support centers, Sika Vietnam local R&D team is continuously working on applying of modern technologies from the Group to develop and provide tailor made products as well as solutions to the specific need of local customer and market’s requirement.

Furthermore, to serve R&D activities, we offer assistance to customers in establishment of mix-designs and application method with our following facilities:

Laboratory – R&D: Develop new products based on local market requirement

Laboratory – Quality Control: Control quality of raw material and finished goods

Concrete Laboratory – Customer Services: Support customer in testing new product and undertake trial mix, etc.