Sika® Torch-3 VN

APP modified bitumen waterproofing membrane with non-woven spun-bond polyester reinforcement

Sika® Torch-3 VN is plastomeric waterproofing membrane manufactured in an advanced continuous calendaring process by saturating and coating a synthetic carrier with a waterproofing compound made of a special grade of bitumen, which is modified with APP polymers. While the APP polymers enhance the thermal, mechanical, and aging properties of the membrane compound, the mechanical characteristics of Sika® Torch-3 VN is established by the non-woven continuous filament spun-bond Polyester mat which acts as the reinforcement that provides the membrane with its particular tensile strength, tear resistance, puncture resistance and elongation properties.
The upper surface of Sika® Torch-3 VN is covered with fine sand broadcast while the lower surface is laminated with a thermo-fusible polyethylene film.  

  • Enhanced resistance to chemicals
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Enhanced performance, under a wide range of temperature fluctuation (from 0 °C to +150 °C)